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"Shadow of the Colossus", a game released by the SCEI, the developers of ICO. A completely original game which involves beautiful imagery, amazing landscapes, gorgeous visuals, and heart-racing action as you take down sixteen giant colossal beasts one after another.
SotC should of been Game of the Year 2005.
by Christerray January 25, 2006
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Shitting on the clock. Usually done by people who are paid a salary. A great way to take a break and get paid for it.
Frank: I love SOTC!

Doug: Hell yea! It's the best!
by Armadus November 08, 2010
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It was an SOTC day when Tomo waited in line for 24 hours to get a PS3 and the manager of the store horded them all for himself telling him that they never received shipment.
by Jan Leja July 18, 2008
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