8 definitions by pickles mcdoody

a generic looking office employee who works somewhere in a maze of cubicles.
bob is a cubiclone over at ibm, he wears a short sleeve dress shirt with a tie, writes tps reports all day and i'd really like to kick his moronic face in.
by pickles mcdoody April 6, 2010
What you say when your friend wants to buy cheap canned beer instead of good bottled stuff.
Friend: Hey let's save a few bucks and buy a case of Pisscan Light.

You: No CAN do, buddy. It's decent bottled beer or nothing for me.
by pickles mcdoody November 19, 2010
when you have the worse possible luck imaginable catching your bus or busses.
Sorry I'm late! I missed my bus by mere seconds, then the next one didn't show, then the one after that was ten minutes late! I got totally bus fucked.
by pickles mcdoody October 30, 2010
success and lack thereof when using the bus system. when your bus or busses are right on time, or they happen to be a little late when you're late too, that's good bus luck. when you just miss them or they show up late, that's bad bus luck.
Wow, you're here early for a change!
Yeah I had good bus luck today.
by pickles mcdoody October 30, 2010
Have you seen Luanna since she got married? 6 months of soap operas and junk food, she's becoming a real ass farmer!
by pickles mcdoody October 4, 2010
those little douchebags on Y!A who always report you for talking about weed and your favorite color of nipples.
Just when I had the girls revealing their filthiest filth the tattle trolls got my question deleted.
by pickles mcdoody July 28, 2011