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"Brian Deans" are extremely short, form-fitting, denim cut-off shorts worn by men, originally in Western Massachusetts. They were named after Brian Dean (the blue jean queen).
Yo, you see that guy at the Poison concert wearing Brian Deans? Dudes shouldnt wear those...
by philthy rich August 4, 2007
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To make a banana split sunday using your chode (short fat weiner) instead of a banana.
I thought it would be funny to put whipped cream on my wang and present it to this ho bag as my chode a la mode, but she was lactose intollerant and did not pig out on it.
by philthy rich November 19, 2006
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The horse tail is the action a woman makes when an unwanted appendage (finger or penis) is about to enter her rectum. The horse tail comes out exclusively during doggy style intercorse. While in position, she will wildly swing back one arm to swat the unwanted appendage from entering. It resembles a horse's tail swatting flies of its ass.
I tried to take this chicks ass last night, but her horse tail came out and thwarted my attempts!
by philthy rich April 7, 2007
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Hot dog cookers are metal stick figures in the shape of a man with an extra appendage between his legs. Chefs use the extra appendage to scewer hot dogs (other tubed meat is also exceptable) and then places the entire apperatuce on a Bar-be-que or grill. Processed meats will then cook by the heat from the grill and the heat also cooks the meat inside out due to the impaledness of the hot dog cooker apperatice. The entire ordeal makes a delecious hot dog as it is cooked inside and out and also serves as a hilarious party gag due to the falice like resemblence of a metal stick figure with a flesh like boner
Sean used a hot dog cooker at the last gay frat party he attended.

by philthy rich August 24, 2006
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Basically, the opposite of a landing strip. Shaved vagina down the middle, but long hasidic jew sideburns on the sides.
I went out with this girl from J-date, and when i finally got her home and got her pants off, i was amazed to see hasidic jew sideburns down there. That was some good jewnani.
by philthy rich March 16, 2008
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Lego my ego and eggo my lego! and dont take my pop tarts either! Or my elio's pizza, unless i meats ya, dont step on my balls with cleats on! I am wonder Sam, i'll hit you in the noodle with a toaster strudal! What about my hungry man jack meal, O what a deal, 2.99, i'll eat that any time. Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at super time, if pizzas on a bagle, you can eat pizza anytime! I smoother my waffles with aunt Jemima, then she says "Ravage my vagina".
Philty Rich, trademark, and Hines 57 are the Godfathers of Rap on the Babson Campus 1999-2004. They Created the frozen food rap! We put that peice on the map! Death Chode Records 4-Life.
by philthy rich November 23, 2006
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