An online Jewish Dating Service.
"I got a J-date in an hour."
by Joe Jacobs December 15, 2004
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To spend a nice evening at home with oneself and your hand. A Jerk Date.
This term was coined by Pete Holms, the stand up comedian .
"Hey man, you wanna go see a movie tonight?"
"Nah, it's been a rough week. I'm just gonna take myself on a J Date and go to bed."
by DK Garden March 31, 2018
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An appointment set amongst friends in order to go blow some trees. Aka a joint date.
Mark: Hey man, I got this good good Jared Kushner from my hookup yesterday.
John: Aww yea, wanna go on a j-date?
by devilscupcakes March 26, 2018
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