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1. French article meaning "the."

2. Something dumb that hipsters on the internet use to make their statements or usernames more scene.
1. J'apprécie le petit gâteau.

2. LiveJournal username ____le_tragedy or something similar.
2a. xxxdisco: my boyfriend fingerbanged the salvation army cashier
electrikkkbang: le sigh, when you gonna dump his ass?
by penguinaut November 17, 2005

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A French Canadian way of saying "soft." Many French Canadian coaches in the National Hockey League, notably Michel Therrien, cannot pronounce the word "soft", and are stuck saying "soff" instead. Something is "soff" when it displays a complete lack of skill or intelligence. Penguins fans respect Michel Therrien's French Canadianness and use "soff" whenever they can to describe a stupid goal by the opposing team, or a poor performance by their own team. To be soff is to be made of fail.
"Soff goal by Thomas Vanek. What a dick."
by penguinaut November 21, 2008

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Of course, the Goths were a medieval tribe who sacked Rome. They are also a subculture full of morons who decide one day that they like "dark" things in order to fit in.

Now, to address the issue of so-called "intelligent, true nonconformists interested in the dark side of things": if they were truly interested in individuality and free thought, they wouldn't categorize themselves in a subculture and confine themself to that definition. Nor is it acceptable to say that there are MANY DIFFERENT KINDS OF GOTHS OMG. If you're comfortable in your person and in your views and beliefs, you probably won't be calling yourself a goth in the first place, nor being accused of being one. Therefore there isn't really much of a need to even haughtily deny in between puffs of clove cigarettes, "I'm NOT a goth!"
"Stupid Goths always trying to sack my city."
by penguinaut May 02, 2005

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Apparently a fake Arabic word, but inexplicably used in high schools to refer to the kids who take classes in the information technology program, which is also quite inexplicably confined to the basement.
"Working on the derka page in the yearbook. . .but I haven't taken any pictures because they never seem to be in their classrooms!"
by penguinaut February 22, 2008

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Said when you turn something upside down, as a kind of lame, humorous prank. The "mazal" part can be replaced with the object you are turning upside down, such as a bottle: "bottletov." From the Yiddish for "good fortune", though no one is actually sure why.
You know how Kristen is really small? You should pick her up and do a Kristentov!

*turns a calculator upside down*
by penguinaut September 27, 2007

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