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Any jerk that rides on a segway.
Haha, look at that segway jerk, riding along in his suit talking on his cellphone.
by paulthebassguy May 24, 2007
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A term used by people who are trying to legitimise a superstition, religious belief, or hocus-pocus theory. There is never an explanation of the actual science or logical reasoning, nor is there ever mention of these scientists' names.
Some scientists have reported evidence of a previous life in new born babies.

The egyptian pyramids were probably built by extra terrestrials. Some scientists discovered this and think that it would have been impossible for humans to build them.

Some scientits have calculated that Jesus actually could have walked on water.
by paulthebassguy January 07, 2007
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A New Zealand (and some areas of Australia)n term for spinning a car around in circles, in a semi-controlled fashion. This often ruins the surface in which the operation was performed on and when performed on asphalt causes a lot of smoke to be blown into the air.
"Hey man, let's go and do some rakies in that grass paddock behind your Mum's house."

"Haha, Mike got his car confiscated when the police caught him doing rakies in that empty carpark"
by PaulTheBassGuy December 05, 2006
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A versatile suffix that can be appended to any noun to indicate that a catastrophe/failure has happened with it.
Person 1: hey, this burger has beef in it, I ordered chicken.
Person 2: OMG mine has chicken in it, I ordered beef
Person 3: heh, it looks like you two geniuses have gotten your burgers mixed up.
Person 1 and 2 together: OMG This is a burgertastrophe.
by paulthebassguy November 30, 2009
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