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A TV show that aired way back in the 70's, which illustrated the life of a black family living in the projects.

The TV show became an instant classic thanks to the lively yet scrawny character J.J. Evans aka "Kid Dyn-o-mite"

The other characters were Florida (the compassionate mother), James Sr (the discplinarian father), Thelma (the hot sister), Michael (the pre-pubescent annoying kid brother), Willona (the intruding next door neighbor), and Bookman aka "Buffalo Butt" (the fatass super who everyone makes fun of)

The show also featured the acting debut of Janet Jackson as Penny (the cute but wiseass orphaned child)
dude1: What're u watching?
dude2: Good Times
dude1: is that the show wit ReRun?
dude2: no, its with Kid Dyn-O-mite!
by pascaL July 24, 2004

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an adjective used to describe a girl with no ass or tits.
yo mama's so flat the wall's jealous of her
by pascal July 23, 2004

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greatest boxing game ever developed for the original nintendo

Hell Yeah!
by pascaL July 24, 2004

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see woo

sound i make when something feels too good.
Fine girl walks by
Me: oooh

Jumper... nothing but net
Me: oooh
by pascaL July 24, 2004

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A term used to describe distribution or release of digital media (such as software, video or music) before it is sold in stores or before it hits the street. Zero-day releases may be pirated or stolen and may break the law, but not all zero-day releases are obtained illegally.
To own a copy of the next version of Windows two weeks before its official release date.
by Pascal September 21, 2003

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A very sweet or cute person ho fucked up something very badly or did something very stupid.

(It comes from the Dutch language)
by Pascal August 22, 2003

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title for the shitty movie starring vin diesel
dude 1: want to go see XXX
dude 2: fuck no.
by pascal July 23, 2004

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