14 definitions by pascal

A very sweet or cute person ho fucked up something very badly or did something very stupid.

(It comes from the Dutch language)
by pascal August 22, 2003
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an adjective used to describe a girl with no ass or tits.
by pascal July 23, 2004
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pop music done by japanese tweeners. Meaning its smaller but suprisingly, more efficient.
DanceDanceRevolution is J-Pop.
by pascal July 25, 2004
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see woo

sound i make when something feels too good.
Fine girl walks by
Me: oooh

Jumper... nothing but net
Me: oooh
by pascal July 25, 2004
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a cafe(thats wat they say) run by aZn folk, crammed full of computers connnected 2gether (lan), so counterstrike-obsessed aZnS can waste all day playing w/their mice 2gether, while a fob plays Everquest in the corner.

aZn: want to go to an internet cafe and hav a CS marathon?
ME: id rather watch grass grow
by pascal July 25, 2004
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To repeat something or resend something one if the bhoys have previously already put into the chat
Aw fuck sake mate you've done a gistel

Aye nae bor gistel
by pascal May 16, 2021
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