6 definitions by ozzytoe

the whale of a fatty fat mcfat face fucking fatty izz bizz she definitely she also like small undercut haircut boys who have autism please donate 25 p for a freddo so she can play Minecraft with littlelewin this is the kid who loves fucking her saggy tits and plump pussy
by ozzytoe October 12, 2018
this fucktard of a test stole mt mental capacity and gave me irrectial disfunction this is why my dognis dead plz donate to get rid of are youy a robot
im not a robot Is terrirising a small yout helphim
by ozzytoe October 12, 2018
this is a fat man who has at least twelve layers of fat don't tell him but his feet are the size of an elephants hoof the fat twatty when bard the fat man enters a car he goes "I'm in my mums car brumm snap" the only reason the car breaks because he is so fat another fact about fat man brad is he is extremely scared of dogs the fat fuckckckckck
oh look the brad the fat man if running from another dog because the dog wants to bit his p1 pecker off
by ozzytoe October 12, 2018
spag who runs like a fat man running home for a maccie breakfast mmmmm wouldn't you like a maccies right now I would love a maccies there are a lotof good things about ozzy one of his hidden talents is he can outpace any yout especially brad I am sorry for calling you fat safe
ozzy pace man is extremely fast like usan blt
by ozzytoe October 12, 2018
hey brad this is my apology letter im extremely sorry for all the mean words im sorry brad

sorry by Kenzie
brad is actually really safe brad im sorry safe bredwin
by ozzytoe October 12, 2018