the meaning of "the brad" can vary somewhat but is the term is the act of someone doing sexually inappropriate gestures or badly timed sexual advances or just playing being a sexual predator the thing about the act of the brad is the person preforming these acts will think that they are fine and not creepy at all he or she will usually use the excuse i was just being casual
hey hows that guy over there trying to take a the fat smelly pregnant woman home that's such "the brad" thing to do

the other night i was making out with my girlfriend and my house mate was watching and licking his lips dude was so casual about the act of "the brad" i think he doesn't know how gross he is i am pretty sure he is into grobmullers

did you see that old chick she fully pulled "the brad" on me when i was dunk i think she licked my ass "the brad" of all brads
by Jezzagrob September 03, 2014
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Clogging of a pipe, water or sewage transport method through excessive amounts of congealed semen.
The pipe is blocked as it has been bradded.
by unpopulardefinition February 11, 2020
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The act of driving from one destination to another hitting only green lights along the way
Person 1: We just finished bradding

Person 2: WOW! No wonder you got here so fast
by itsonlyarcher May 19, 2020
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an amazing person, who will always treat you great no matter what happens, who will love you unconditionally, acts like a crazy little kid sometimes, and is the most loving and caring person in the world!!!!! and is great in bed!!!
i heard tiff is dating brad now, she says he is the most amazing guy she has ever met!!
by <3tiffy bear<3 March 02, 2009
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(verb) to ejaculate with great force, covering a large area.
I'm gonna brad all over her face!


Oh my, I've bradded all over it!
by typhane June 16, 2011
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a Brad is a guy that has a heart of gold. His intentions are full of love compassion and care. He shines everywhere he goes. He wishes he could have changed life to be nicer for you always. He always fights for the underdog. He pretends that people being nasty to each other doesn't matter but the truth is he finds it hard to understand how people can be so nasty. He gets carried away trying to look after people and see people having a nice time so much cracking jokes to see them smile so much that he finds it hard to keep track of time. The truth is he just wishes the world would smile and laugh. He is unreliable because he needs to be helping people when he needs to be. Secretly he doesn't feel good enough most of the time. He wishes his father cared more about him. He is tormented by bad memories from the past. If you ever know a Brad you are very lucky. Remind him that he is very special and he is just as god would hope - someone that sees beyond the physical person to the soul with in and just wants to see that soul shine and smile and laugh.
That guy just came in and said Hi how are you to that fat lady and then gave the man with no teeth a hug and made a joke and bought him a beer.
Yeah thats Brad he wont be home on time but he will make those peoples day!
by wordfromyamumma January 25, 2014
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Is known to be the ultimate sex machine. It's common to share his crazy sex stories to his friends. This sounds like torture, but it's actually entertaining when you meet a Brad. They usually play guitar really really really good, and know every single definition of every word on urban dictionary without having to look it up.
-"Hey you wanna hook up?"

-"Wait, aren't you a Brad?"


by NatalieUNDEROATH August 23, 2008
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