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the meaning of "the brad" can vary somewhat but is the term is the act of someone doing sexually inappropriate gestures or badly timed sexual advances or just playing being a sexual predator the thing about the act of the brad is the person preforming these acts will think that they are fine and not creepy at all he or she will usually use the excuse i was just being casual
hey hows that guy over there trying to take a the fat smelly pregnant woman home that's such "the brad" thing to do

the other night i was making out with my girlfriend and my house mate was watching and licking his lips dude was so casual about the act of "the brad" i think he doesn't know how gross he is i am pretty sure he is into grobmullers

did you see that old chick she fully pulled "the brad" on me when i was dunk i think she licked my ass "the brad" of all brads
by Jezzagrob September 03, 2014
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The term used to describe what to do when a hot chick, that is too hot for her own good and uses that hotness as an abusive power, is giving a guy head and he wraps his legs around her head and lets out a massive fart in her face.
"Dude, this bitch was going down on me last night but she was totally using me to get back at her boyfriend... so I gave her The Brad."
by camtangled September 13, 2008
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When your on a first date with a girl, and you start hooking up with her in the hopes of losing your virginity. Turns to sex and to finish, you blow a load on her face, throw on your clothes and run away from her house.
(Out of breath) "I...just....B-rad'ed some...broad....fuck....yes" - The B-rad'er
"High Five Man!" - Friend of B-rad'er

"I just B-rad'ed all over a broadski..." - A legendary man
by Allanburg Boys November 15, 2009
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