40 definitions by olivia

An acronym that stands for Bitch Over Shoulder Sightseeing. Used when your parents/siblings have figured out what POS means. Especially useful because of it's alternate definition.
See POS.
aimfriend: So yeah, at the party last night, how many beers did you..

aimyou: yeah it was BOSS, man!

aimfriend: Oh, right.. Um, yeah, what was the algebra homework again?
by Olivia March 12, 2005
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stuff. kinda like shit, but in a cooler way. your personal stuff.
Check out my shizzle
by olivia January 09, 2004
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adj. A combo of stanky and junky meaning un favorable.
Ewww you should clean your room, its so janky!
by olivia February 29, 2004
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"you stupid git!"
by Olivia May 01, 2003
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it means..how 'splendid' 'wonderful' 'great'
wow that new top is so Bish
by Olivia April 21, 2003
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someone who inspires others to smoke weed
...i think you can get the picture!
by Olivia November 11, 2004
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The name of a really tall gay guy with black hair that charges $1 for kisses.
Wow! You're really stingy towards girls. You are a true squishy.
by Olivia May 06, 2005
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