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A cool knife that people waste their money on trying to get it in Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Person 1: Hey guys! I just wasted $100 trying to get a Karambit!

Person 2: Did you get it?
Person 1: No.
by TheGeneralFilms October 05, 2015
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A tool and self-defense knife originating in Indoneisia. Apparently modeled in the likeness of the claw of the native Tiger.
"Hey, have you heard of the Karambit?"
"What is it?"
"A badass fucking knife"
by spaghettiyolo March 02, 2015
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The man bun of knives, usually reserved for people who like French metal and talk about subsonic ammo.
Person 1 - I can’t believe I found my karambit after a year! It’s the ultimate badass knife.

Buddy of person 1 - dude really???
by Man bun of knives March 29, 2020
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The karambit, kerambit, kurambik or karambiak is a small Southeast Asian curved knife resembling a claw.
Steve: hey do you want a cs:go knife
Nick: what type is it
Steve: a karambit marble fade
by Jiggly Boy April 17, 2018
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A curved knife with a circular hook to spin it around 'cuz it's fun.

Or a knife that costs a few hundred in game. Which I bought.

#RIPCreditCard #Karambit #2edgy4me
"Woah dude, look at that guy with a karambit, choppin' all the pussy up!"
"Look at that Karambit Fade! Looks like that guy is Bill Gate's son."
by Neinneinneins rug feg August 06, 2016
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It's not a toy.
Don't play around with it like it's a Butterfly Knife/Balisong, because it's not.
Tricks can be done with a Balisong/Butterfly knife, but don't fuck around with a Karambit.
"Man I just got 99 cuts from playing around with a Karambit. That was so stupid."
by LeekCreamWithBacon January 13, 2021
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