A dummy thicc French men who has a stand and then later, his stand gave up his white privileges and acquired the n word pass in Part 5 Jojos
Damn, he looks so Polnareff!”
by starplatinumsthiccjuicyass August 2, 2021
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The epitome of French anime characters. Polnareff is a character from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. His stand is called Silver Chariot and his hair deserves to be the next French tourist attraction.
Friend 1: Name 1 French anime character. This is impossible.
by iainteverseen2prettybestfriend November 14, 2020
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A discord user who is very famous with all of their 4 friends.

They're Most known for:

Being stinky
Being a bottom
Person: "woah..have you heard about polnareffs massive titties?"
Person 2: "Yeah! They're everywhere!"
by FroggiIsAwesome July 24, 2020
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A man with no eyebrows who likes to get fisted by horny bisexual vampires.
I love showing my fingers up Polnareff's fat ass.
Polnareff's fat ass always drives me wild.
by Jiafeishauntedhouse January 28, 2023
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As you read the definition you musn't be pleased to know that Polnareffe is having an orgy with your mother - Mamimiux beware.
Polnareffe - A man who fucks mothers and fathers and watched the KUWTK
by GeorgesIGuess123456 September 1, 2021
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