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1.) Seth MacFarlane is the creator of the animated comedy shows Family Guy and American Dad.

These so called animated "comedies" are so essentially bad, so puerile, so pretentious, so simplistic, so self-indulgent, that it is no wonder that thousands of teenagers worldwide are quick to repeat a line from the show.

Basically, a non-talent hack who has made a living off ripping other animated comedies like The Simpsons and South Park. And then he wonders why nobody likes him. (Dumbfuck.)

2.) The man who, unfortunately, failed to board American Airlines Flight 11 on September 11th, 2001.
I actually was a fan of Seth MacFarlane and Family Guy when I was a teenager. I will admit that episodes from the earlier seasons were actually funny. But now I've grown up and it's hard not to pick up on how pretentious and up his own ass he is.
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Someone who plays the role of a nice old man but is secretly hateful and prejudiced.
Ronald Reagan was good at manipulating the American public by putting on a fake "nice old man" persona. And the gullible American majority believed it was his true personality. But in truth Ronald Reagan was a very dark man who supported many evil things.

The day of Ronald Reagan's death was one of the greatest days in history for humanity.
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A person who has been secluded from the darkness and evils of the world. Such as war, murder, suicide, abuse, cutting, rape, amputees, disease, drug abuse, gangsters and mafias.

A person who is sheltered is usually naive, likely religious, and does not know how the world works in reality.

Sheltering your children is a terrible thing and unrecommended. It promotes unawareness and makes them more vulnerable to be taken advantage of by corrupt, evil and manipulative people.
The majority of people in America are pathetically sheltered.
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Dane Cook is a joke. The most stupidest, unfunny "comedian" to ever walk the Earth. A moron who makes the lamest "jokes" ever heard in comedy. An unoriginal mainstream comedian that steals jokes from ORIGINAL underground comedians, but sadly cheeses these jokes up by changing them a bit, thus taking the funnyness out of them. A disgrace to the word comedian. He's about as funny as a toddler obsessing about fart.

Did I mention he's Catholic?.. Since when the fuck are comedians Religious????
Idiot Cook Fan: LOL! Dane Cook is da maed da funn ees !
Person with an IQ of 10: Do you own a gun?
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A smugly ignorant person with no appreciation of intellectual or artistic matters.
The creationist christian VenomFangX on Youtube is a great example of a philistine.
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The pathetic fucking country that I live in. Which 97% of the people are fucking stupid, and the remaining 3% have to suffer because of the majority's stupidity. Fuck jesus freaks. Fuck religious people. Fuck soccer moms. Fuck rednecks. Fuck America.
Americans are stupid, naive, ignorant and will believe anything.
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A sad nation filled with ignorance, fear, corruption, prejudice, and organized bullshit religion. America has been turned into a fascist theocracy.
Those stupid fucking Christians, they took over America and ruined it.
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