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Ronald Reagan was one of the worst Presidents this country has seen. He was a total phony who would read from a script to hide his worsening dementia. He cared not an iota for the common man, but was a typical republican, only interested in enriching his big business buddies, and laying waste to the third world.

Least we forget, it was Reagan's policies that brought

1) Change to the federal tax system, giving massive tax breaks to the wealthy and big business, and shifting a horrendous tax burden to the middle class;

2) Change to environmental laws, wrecking havoc on natural resources, endangered species, and the health and welfare of all Americans;

3) Change to labor laws, wrestling hard-earned workers' rights from unions, and causing at least one industry, air traffic control, into paralysis, affecting the safety of air traffic for more than a year;

4) Change to American foreign policy, by selling arms to Iran, and forwarding the profits to right-wing Central American dictators to help fund their death squads;

5) Change to monetary policies resulting in his leaving office with the largest federal deficit yet seen in US history;

6) Change to education - when he could not disband the US Department of Education, as he campaigned to do - he succeeded in reducing Federal education spending by 50%, and ravaged local education control by diverting funding to the state leve.

In addition, there are millions of Californians whose minds and memories are not so feeble as to fail to remember not only the miserable years of the Reagan presidency, but the painful, bitter years of the Reagan governorship.

I for one, being a student at the University of California during Reagan's governorship, saw firsthand his efforts, and "success" in dramatically raising tuition costs while slashing budgets, terminating construction projects, firing Clark Kerr, the popular President of the University, and enraging faculty with his declarations that the state "should not subsidize intellectual curiosity".

His massive cuts to health and welfare benefits in California, and in particular, mental health care, is the single biggest cause of the massive increase in homelessness in California over the past three decades - the tossing out into the streets of thousands of sick people who could not function in society.
Ronald Reagan was a miserable President, a miserable governor, and a miserable person, whose show-biz persona produced a false image that unfortunately continues to endure.
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A rotten scumbag of a president. As authors on this site obviously slant left wing, independent and libertarian, I'm a little shocked at how anyone on UrbanDictionary could defend such a wackjob of a president. Many of you were probably brainwashed into the "Reagan Legacy" - which is easily the biggest presidential hoax of all time. If anyone goes back and researches Reagan's term and reads his personal writings it would become shockingly apparent that Reagan was just manipulating the masses with a fake personality. Reagan figured that since he was formally an actor he could play the role of a character during his whole term.

See: complete fake and phony
It is a little known fact that in the early 1960's Ronald Reagan OPPOSED equal rights for African Americans.
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Ronald Reagan:

One of the worst presidents this country has ever had...

The president know best for bringing back poverty to the masses and for slowing research into aids research. Also responsible for a scandal in central America.

This presidents who spoke highly of "the trickle down theory" The same doctrine that inflicted homelessness on so many American people. Reagan's economic policies helped
Corporation get over on their employees. He allowed them to pollute the oceans, poison the air. And pay less taxes while doing so.

Reagan supported the proliferation of nuclear missiles and germ warfare. He and president Bush are responsible for training Al Al-Qaeda, Training weapons and materials provided by U.S. and our own CIA. Side note- George Bush(then the vice president was the former head of the CIA)

One would need a great many pages in the Urban dictionary to completely define this man. Suffice it to say, He embraced many dark ideals and intolerance. He and his administration are responsible for many great wrongs.

It should also be noted that Reagan fought increasing the minimal wage vehemently.

Towards the end of his life and presidency they were having to remove a wart from his nose which kept growing back. Many people thought that he had lied so much during his presidency that he had, in-fact, affected reality; and his nose would grow when he lied. Which seemed to be most of the time.

2.) The president who John Hinckley failed to kill.
Ronald Reagan:

There are too many examples to list of how evil this man was.
Fighting the minimal wage increase. Halting medical research for AIDS and cancer. Killing innocent people in central America and ushering in an economic policy that devastated so many lives. His policies allowed the rich to exploit the middle class and poor. He gave tax relief to corporations while denying medical care to American citizens. And although the taxes went up, Bills to provide national health were rejected medical research was under-funded and more money went to defense contractors and weapons development.

I the author of this definition celebrate the day of his death (Ronald Regan) as well as others such as Pope John Paul II

For those of you who wish to do the same those dates are June 6, 2004 for Reagan
And April 2, 2005
Two of the most Vile people to have been spewed from their mothers entrails and who I am glad went down for the dirt nap at last.
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Led Zeppelin are overrated, just like The Doors.
Led Zeppelin are the true definition of overrated. For a much better band, that is definitely NOT overrated, please learn about Pink Floyd.
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The very bland, very unfunny, very unoriginal creator of Family Guy that Fox chose to bring back for another season instead of Futurama. (aka the LESS retarded more original and actually FUNNY show.)
*Making an episode of Family Guy*

Seth MacFarlane: Geez, guys. I'm running out of ideas for Family Guy.

Executive Producer: Hmm. Well maybe we can steal a scene from The Simpsons, then change it up a little bit so people will think it's original, like we always do!

Seth MacFarlane: Great idea!

Seth MacFarlane: Oh, and let's just stick another joke about Tom Cruise being gay in there like we did a million times already, even though South Park did it first. Or maybe make another joke about how Meg sucks.

Executive Producer: Hahahaha! That's hilarious! Yeah, okay, they'll think that's funny, too. Because jokes repeated over and over and over again are ALWAYS funny, right?
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1.The talentless creator of the tasteless, humorless "comedy" shows Family Guy and American Dad. See: one laugh wonder

2.An overly-self indulgent asshole.
1.Seth MacFarlane has to steal from The Simpsons to make his own comedy shows seem funny.

2.Why does Seth MacFarlane treat his fans like crap? Doesn't he realize his so called "comedy" shows suck?
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Untalented cartoonist douchebag creator of Family Guy. Also the other show named American Dad. (Which is basically another Family Guy with slight alterations)

Extremely untalented cartoonist known for milking out the same lame jokes in his cartoons.
Seth MacFarlane is not funny.
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