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A comeback of the "yo' mama" genre. If you really think about its implications, it's rather insulting.
Steve: "Yo' mama blows so hard she started Hurricane Katrina tryin' to put out the candles on her birthday cake."
Tony: "Awwww sheeit..."
Derek: "All right."
Steve: "Yo' brother so broke and stupid he went to the Nickelback concert to try to get 5 cents."
Tony: "Diggity damn..."
Derek: "Oh yeah?"
Steve: "Yeah. And I heard your sister got a summer job breedin' hound dogs!"
Tony: "Ooh...that hurts."
Derek: "Well I'm your dad."
Steve: "What?"
Derek: "Yeah, just got the paternity test results. I remember that night. I was in line right behind the St. John's basketball team."
Tony: "Ooooooh snap! You just got served, son."
by Nick D September 08, 2005
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The greatest comeback in the world. Conversation ender. Anything you can imagine.

Pronunciation- i'm yer dad
Guy 1: Dude I could totally beat you at anything.

Guy 2: Oh Really.... cuz Im your dad.

You: Dude that girl totally wants my cock.
Douche Bag: No she doesnt bro...
You: Oh really.... cuz im your dad

Guy 1: You wanna play some pool?
Guy 2: No pools fuckin gay.
Guy 1: Dude im your dad.... now listen to daddy and go get your shit.
by I'm your dad April 22, 2011
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