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When a guy has a girl get on her knees and sticks his erect penis against her neck, underneath her chin. He then grabs the back of her head forcing her to look downward holding his penis between her neck and chin, and proceedes to thrust back and forth.
guy: I gave her a good neck fucking last night.
guy 2: Really? How was it?
guy: Surpringly, it felt really good!
by nocton55 January 28, 2009
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A highly controversial and influential gonzo porn series by JM Productions, with a primary focus strictly on irrumatio, or throat fucking. Each scene features women subject to being ferociously deep throat fucked, with excessive gagging, choking, drooling, and sometimes vomiting.

Most scenes feature short plots of women irritating or insulting men, (i.e. bitching wives or girlfriends) behaving mischeviously or else finding themselves in a unfortunate position, and as a result they are throated.

The series started in 2000, and was one of the first to feature gagging and throat fucking and is said to be responsible for starting the porn niche, spawning numerous new throat fucking series since. They often proudly claim that their series is "The best throat fucking ever lensed", and that "Gag Factor has made more men ask women for gag sex".

Unlike similar series, Gag Factor tends to push more on themes of degradation and humiliation. Though they often engage the action with the woman on her knees, their signature is to have her lay down with her head hanging off the edge of a surface, letting her saliva run down over her face and hair. Often the female is verbally assaulted and encouraged to gag as they are throat fucked, while handled very agressively and forcefully by a seemingly mean spirited male. Other common signatures include face spitting, throat grabbing, and holding the female's arms down while viciously throating her.

The series has won several AVN awards for best oral series, and best oral scene.
Man, Gag Factor is my favorite porno series of all time! You have taught me well, thank you Gag Factor!
by nocton55 January 14, 2009
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A derogatory term for a female who lets a guy face fuck her.
Many guys hope to make gag whores of their new girlfriends, just like in their favorite porn videos.
by nocton55 May 16, 2011
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Short for one who has been face fucked or throat fucked.
That one cute girl got throated real good last night.
by nocton55 October 25, 2011
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More formally known as irrumatio, "throat fucking" in a form of rough oral sex in which the male has control by taking hold of the females head or hair, and forcively thrusting his penis down her throat repeatedly. Usually, it is his goal to make the female gag and choke (commonly to the point of drooling excessively), which is seen as a way of dominating, degrading, and "owning" her. Coercion and intimidation are commonly used as means of coaxing the female to comply. Degrading and humiliating the female in various psycological ways is also common within the sex act itself, such as: name-calling, trash-talking, taunting, and verbal abuse; all of which she endures on top of being throat fucked, with the intension of destroying her ego, self-esteem, and pride. Also commonly included in the act are: nose-pinching, throat-grabbing, face-slapping, face-spitting, and breathplay. The act itself was first practiced by the Romans, and later re-popularized by early 00's gonzo pornography.
Throat fucking is quite a taboo and lesser realized sex act. Some argue that throat fucking is digustingly misogynistic. Others contend that throat fucking is proof that men are superior to women.
by nocton55 July 31, 2008
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