Short for one who has been face fucked or throat fucked.
That one cute girl got throated real good last night.
by nocton55 October 25, 2011
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Instead of punching somebody, you place your hand on their neck and sqeeze hard.
I throated Jon at the LC after he slapped my face like the wimp that he is.

Jon got throated twice while in San Diego.
by Matty Python August 13, 2007
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To kill, especially if by damaging the neck or throat usually with a knife or razor.
Those kids was battling with some of Cubes' shit and acting like they wrote it,
most kids don't try that wit' me cuz they find that they get throated.

-King Kendall-
by King Kendall September 17, 2006
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engaging in deep throat style oral sex
God, she was throating enough to kill! That wasn't no plain old BJ! I could feel them little rings deep inside her throat, man! Then she threw up, spoiled everything.
by south beach butt watcher October 16, 2007
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verb; The act of giving oral sex to a male
After increasing pressure from the man, the woman finally gave him throat.
by V.I.Lenin March 8, 2005
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The action of a girl (or male homosexual) traveling a dick down their esophagus. Its different from deepthroating. Deepthroating is the action of traveling a dick ALL THE WAY down the esophagus.
Random guy: "My hoe is good at throating my cock."
by Phazer. December 12, 2017
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