The act of thrusting a cock deep into a persons throat and sliding it back and forth until reaching orgasm. It's a highly prized skill and requires much practice by the receiving partner but if done correctly, is extremely erotic and intensely pleasurable for both participants.
I got a terrific throat fucking from Larry and his friends yesterday and I loved it!
by sterculius June 7, 2010
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... is when a man uses a woman's mouth and throat as if it was a vagina.
To be honest, I kinda really love it when my husband throat fucks me!
by lovingMarriage April 17, 2011
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The term Throat Fucked is used when someone has endured been given violent head.
Being Throat Fucked involves a man slipping his penis down someones throat and thrusting hard.
Throat Fucking may result in gagging, choking and vomiting.
Also known as Throat Fucking.

Be careful when getting Throat Fucked
I got Throat Fucked last week and vomed everywhere, but he still managed to skeet.

omg, Dizzee got Throat Fucked by some Meathead.

I Throat Fucked dat bitch, yeh man.
by dizzee moo August 6, 2008
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More formally known as irrumatio, "throat fucking" in a form of rough oral sex in which the male has control by taking hold of the females head or hair, and forcively thrusting his penis down her throat repeatedly. Usually, it is his goal to make the female gag and choke (commonly to the point of drooling excessively), which is seen as a way of dominating, degrading, and "owning" her. Coercion and intimidation are commonly used as means of coaxing the female to comply. Degrading and humiliating the female in various psycological ways is also common within the sex act itself, such as: name-calling, trash-talking, taunting, and verbal abuse; all of which she endures on top of being throat fucked, with the intension of destroying her ego, self-esteem, and pride. Also commonly included in the act are: nose-pinching, throat-grabbing, face-slapping, face-spitting, and breathplay. The act itself was first practiced by the Romans, and later re-popularized by early 00's gonzo pornography.
Throat fucking is quite a taboo and lesser realized sex act. Some argue that throat fucking is digustingly misogynistic. Others contend that throat fucking is proof that men are superior to women.
by Nocton55 July 31, 2008
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To thrust the penis inside a persons mouth and basically fucking the throat. It may induce vomiting.
hey sweetie...(yeah?)....i need to tell you something......(what is it?).....well...i throat fucked our little amber yesterday...and...well...we dont need you anymore...bye.
by family matters March 27, 2004
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Having sex with someones throat by insurting your penis down there throat and fucking it. May insduce gaging and sometimes vomiting for the person being throat fucked.
I was Throat Fucking her all night!
by J M R May 3, 2008
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A term that has become ubiquitous among young adults to indicate a rapid succession of blow jobs. I.e. mentioning you have lockjaw from giving hundreds of blows jobs means that you probably attended a throat-fuck fiesta

Synonyms: blowjob gangbang
A: "There's got to be a term for why I have, like, SUCH BAD lockjaw right now"
B: "Like that blowjob gangbang you attended last night?"
A: "Well, I don't want to sound too casual about it..."
B: "A throat-fuck fiesta?!"
A: "...."
B: "What, you don't like parties?"
by eskimobrothers December 7, 2014
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