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An act in which the guy thrusts his penis into the girls vagina. It can also be done by licking, kissing or touching genitalia or any other erogenous zones.
"We need to talk," he said. I followed him out of the gym."I love you. Sex me up." He kissed me.
I didn't even have time to think. Why did he take another girl tonight instead of me? We were behind the gym, and I held his face against mine. I felt his hand at the clasp of my dress. As he undid it, I let it fall away. I wore only a thong and bra. The next thing I knew, we were naked on the asphalt behind the gym.I felt his cock in my mouth pulsing, and kissed and licked it, massaging his balls gently in my hands. He eased his cock out of my lips and pulled me up square with him. He took my breasts in his hands, kissing my nipples and fondling each tit tenderly. I felt his tongue in my cleavage, his penis grazing my thigh and touching on my clit once in a while. He grasped my breasts and sucked them in his mouth, massaging them and squeezing my nipples. I felt his cock penetrate me. It thrust in, gently, and I felt his mouth on my areola. His penis went deeper and deeper, and one hand left my breasts and slid down my hip. Kissing my breasts forcefully and lightly tracing my cleavage with his fingers, he cummed into me and we entered the orgasm together. Suddenly, I heard a rustling. I pulled away, and then she came around the path. Lindsey, but she was nude. This was Peter's date. I stood and so did he, my naked body shining dully in the moonlight. I pulled my dress over my head as she leaped at him, naked, rubbing her vagina on his chest. I walked back into the gym.
by nipplesex December 15, 2011
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The sex organ of a female, leading from a woman's external genitals to the cervix of the uterus. During sexual intercourse, a man's penis (male sexual organ protruding from his crotch) must be inserted into the vagina and thrusted up and down to stimulate the female.
While having sex with my boyfriend, I felt him tracing my vagina with the tip of his tongue.

He thrust his penis into her vagina during sexual intercourse.
by nipplesex December 08, 2011
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