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A belt worn to keep you from getting raped, made from lead and metal, looks kind of like a baby swing at parks. Used in the olden days and still used in some jails.
The king advised the queen to wear a chastity belt, for he was to concerned of thieves.
by nimadude October 28, 2003

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Another way for saying to excrete feces from one's anus. An expression invented by me, which provides the analogy of a toilet eating feces, which is what happens when you flush.
"BRB, I needa feed the toilet, hes getting hungry.
by nimadude February 27, 2006

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The slang way to say the plural of the word chick, referring to a girl. Chix is usually preferred over chicks because it can be written easier, useful for instant messaging programs like MSN.
Dude, I was with these chix last night..
by nimadude February 26, 2006

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what u do before flipping a page of a book or anything like that
He licked his hand and slowly moved his hand down to it... Grasped the end and fliped it..
by nimadude October 11, 2003

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