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when someone or something is "the bomb", "the shit", "sweet", etc...said in a positive way for something you like or think is the best
That shirt your wearing owns!
by nikki May 7, 2005
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can be either one, however in most hindi songs it is usually refered to eyelids
your palkein are pretty
by nikki December 15, 2004
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All of you people who call Paris Hilton anorexic, ugly, and a rich bitch are most likely fat, ugly, and poor...get a life and stop bitching about other people...
fat, ugly, poor person: "OMG did you see Paris Hilton? She is so ugly and looks like a stick...I would never do that rich bitch..."
by nikki March 30, 2004
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Who my mom compares me to, because of the clothes i wear and how im shopping all the time, and because i can be the worlds biggest blonde.
"Nikki ur not paris hilton, u cant shop all the time!" ~ my mom
by nikki April 19, 2004
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A foosball reference/play. Generally a one time shot by the right wing forward to the far end of the goal which is assisted by the center.

Parm Bhatti is the only one who falls for this play even when he knows it is coming.
MTK Worker #1: You just got Parm'd!!
MTK Worker #2: Oh man, that's embarrassing!
Parm: Dammit!
by nikki October 27, 2004
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