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crib- where you live
"getting drunk hoping i get to my crilla safely" tech9
by nikki July 23, 2004
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to expose the shame or falseness of
by nikki September 6, 2003
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the mature reply when a dork tries to speak slang with you out of urban ignorance.
DORK: yeah, that be tight, dawg foo yawg gangsta!

YOU: Pardon me, did you just call me a dog food gangsta?
by nikki November 4, 2004
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about one of the coolest girls at Unionville. Always blares some form of music. Great artist, great friend, maybe too much time on her hands, but always a smile on her face...maybe she just did something funny..maybe she just farted and thought it was funny...maybe she put ketchup on your seat just as you sat down on....hehehe
Donna Figenshu..lives at blah blah..hehehehe..call her up some day...
by nikki January 13, 2005
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Applied to books, music, or even haircuts which tend to challenge societal norms and reveal the dark side. Cutting edge.
Novels by Chris Crutcher, Adam Rapp, and Alex Flinn.
by nikki March 21, 2005
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