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the beginnings of trying to explain the fault of a situation, or trying to get out of blame for a bad situation
Uncle Phil: How did Carlton get a hold of those speed pills?!!
Fresh Prince: Ya see, what had happened was...
by nikki November 5, 2004
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origins: Boston, Massachusetts, but is now commonly used all over New England. If you're from Iowa (or anywhere that isn't New England) and you use this word, you sound like a dumb ass.

Definition: very, really, so, totally.
Example: That party was wicked awesome.

*Note: to properly use 'wicked' there must be a adjective placed after it. 'That party was wicked' is not correct.*
by nikki January 28, 2004
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An expression of anger or frustration. Another word for "DAMMIT!!"
Woozits! I forgot to throw out the trash!
by nikki January 18, 2004
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a word that makes no sense but you say when you are being annoed also look up nih
sam: pleasepleaseplease
by nikki September 26, 2004
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A stupid day on February 14th, that is totally commercialistic and has no value to those who are single. Love Sucks.
Fred and Jill were walking down the hall holding hands. All of a sudden someone kicks them and mutters "Love Sucks"
by nikki January 23, 2004
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1: a pitiful insult used when people can't think of any other retort.
2: used to offend retarded people when you want to get in a fight with them
3: a pathetic joke people say in 4th grade, then bring up again in 10th and get beat up.
1: amy-you're so ugly!
gwen-yeah well so's YO MAMA!!!
2: tommy-hey yo mamas a HO!
billy-what did you just say about my
mama?! wanna start a fight punk?
3: yo mama's so fat, when she jumped into the ocean, the whales started singin' we are family!!
yo mama's so dumb, she returned a donut cuz it had a HOLE in it!!!
by nikki November 24, 2003
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sup or yes
u like muzik yuuuuuur

yur was poppin nikka
by nikki March 14, 2004
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