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making sure your friend is alright when away throwing up
yeah I'll go check on Bobby. I'll do a slow def check after my smoke.
by neu December 9, 2003
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the flavor left in your mouth after you make-out with the same girl all of your friends are dating.
that girl is so...ugh catpants, did you notice?
by neu December 9, 2003
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the lines on your face from sleeping. they don't go away for like five hours I hate them.
hi, sorry I'm late, I just woke up. what? I have waxy diggles? shit hang one brb.
by neu January 30, 2004
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someone who's skeezin'

(see skeezin)
why that trimp be skeezin??
by neu January 26, 2004
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being so horribly drunk that you can't form sentences.
I swooped hahah what no dude what ffff sugar with it haha I know right what dude I'm really jap-nasty leave me alone *hiccup*
by neu December 9, 2003
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someone that is uber-disgusting, hinting that they'd actually have both syphallis, and a lisp :(

deadly combo, dude.
check out ole syphallisp over there. gross.
by neu January 29, 2004
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when syrup falls in your lap at breakfast
oh shit look (point at lap) fatty neu dripples.
by neu January 27, 2004
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