In the Half Life 2 mod Fortress Forever, trimping is type of movement skill.

by holding down jump in midair, your character will jump the instant they land. If the surface you land on is angled upward, you will jump higher than normal. if the surface is angled down, you will jump farther than normal.

this technique can be used to get to the elevator room from the ground level of the ramp room in 2fort among other things
"If you trimp up the ramp here you can get up on that ledge"
by The Obtuse Rubber Goose June 19, 2009
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undeniably the most extreme of all things PIMP.
Damn, did you see scott in that new TRIMP ass whip rollin down 59 south yesterday maaaane? He was choppin da streets like whoa!
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someone who's skeezin'

(see skeezin)
why that trimp be skeezin??
by neu January 26, 2004
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The bizarre world of hip hop shrimp dancing. Artists who practice Trimping create dance-movements to replicate the natural motion of the majestic shrimp. The earliest known pioneer of Trimping is Michael "boogaloo shrimp" Chambers.
guy1: let me see you trimp
guy2: (wriggles around in a fetal position) trimp trimp trimp

ex2: "I'm trimpin' I'm trimpin' I'm trimpin'"

ex3: Trimping ain't easy
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Trimping is when a Demoman with a tide turner shield (therefore known as tide-turner Demoknight) preforms a charge against a staircase or a inclined wall. this will launch the Demoknight either up in the air or at a higher speed, and when combinded with air strafing, allows the Demoknight to get to the other side of the map..
"I'm great at Trimping. I can get from one side of Dustbowl to the other just by Trimping off this wall!"
by tf2 lad October 31, 2020
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A woman who is both weak and shy, but is also flirtatious and slutty; a wimpy tramp
Bertha is always hiding in her room and messaging boys online like a trimp.
by Goatman Gamer February 28, 2023
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