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being ripped off your ass
person #1: "Dude where the fuck am I?"
person #2: "We are chasing a poptart through a forest dude."
person #1: "Well when the fuck are we gonna catch it because i got the munchies like a mutherfucker."
person #2: "We are high as fuck."
by necro April 22, 2005

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1)A race of Transmetal beings with the ability to physically reshape themselves in the form of vehicles and/or weapons. 2) A popular toy of the early to mid '80's that spawned a cartoon and comic book series.
My parents bought me that new Transformer for my birthday!
by Necro October 22, 2003

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British cockroaches
It's crawling with townies, I say!
by Necro October 09, 2003

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(noun) when a long-dead transvestite eskimo faggot shoves a stick of dynamite up your pooper and blows your nigger ass to china
person #1: "Dude I no longer have an anus after my last 3 ass blasts from the past."
person #2: "Then how do you take a shit?"
person #1: "I don't really know."
person #2: "That is fuckin insane."
by necro April 22, 2005

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a disease of type A, B, C, D, or E. you can get hepatitis if someone pees in your soup or you dont use a condom, actually, you can get hepatitis from spit, so dont kiss anybody without using a dental dam or else you WILL die.
want to play hepatitis? first person to get all the letters gets to give a blowjob to all the losers.
by necro January 10, 2005

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1. insane person, psychotic
i've seen it happen before
holy shit, that's a bloody mad cracker, look at him beat the shit out of that guy with no remorse
by necro January 12, 2005

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To scratch one's Crotch
Dude, you seem to be scrotching a lot, have you got crabs?
by Necro January 19, 2004

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