A derogatory word derived from "Scrotum" and "Crotch", used to define an indefinable sex; usually associated with a hermaphrodite. This word can also be used when insulting another person.
Person 1: Is that a guy or a girl?
Person 2: It's a scrotch!

Person 3: Don't be such a scrotch.
by Coopers June 03, 2007
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to scratch your crotch when it is dry, itchy, or chafing occurs.
guy 1: dude my crotch its itchy
guy 2: dude scrotch it

guy 1: scrotching feels sooo good when my balls are dry
by scrotchlover5000 May 24, 2010
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The act of mightily punching a man's balls after he has said something you (a) don't agree with or (b) find offensive. Generally it is done with a fist, but numerous other things are acceptable (i.e. foot, knee, snowball, etc.) Generally only done to people you have known for a reasonable length of time.
Logan: Sara would totally hit that!
Sara: Would not! That brings your total up to 18.
Alex: What total?
Sara: Well, I've only known him for a month or two, so I can't scrotch him yet. But when I know him well enough, he's getting it.
Alex: That's what she said.
(A scrotch ensued shortly after this.)
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~A personal problem relating to an un-releivable itch near your neather reigions.
~To scratch an itch that is near your neather regions
~MAN! I wish that I didn't have such a bad scrotch on my butt!
~Zach, stop scrotching yourself, its impolite.
by It's Me! February 19, 2004
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When you have an itchy crotch and you need to scratch it - you can scratch your crotch. Alternativlely you can have a good 'SCROTCH'
I need a good scrotch
by Jeff September 24, 2004
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