yo, that sup was mad chintz

"that prize was chintz""Ya, i know, it had a sticker on it"
by mwoo June 22, 2006
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Always looking for a bargain. Will sacrifice quality for quantity. Can be used to describe a cheap looking item. e.g. chintzy suit.
The fucking chintz charged me for a free ticket!
by e lofter September 24, 2003
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to be cheap, miserly, not willing to pay for quality, or wanting to just get by as opposed to making a good investment
don't chintz on buying a car, better to pay a little more up front than to get one that barely works and dies early. don't chintz on jewelry either--better to get something quality.
by cheapster January 19, 2008
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A vintage style pattern used originally for wallpaper and furniture coverings.
Chintz has transformed over the decades from a an old Granny style fussy pattern, to a modern, sexy style emblem.
Modern furniture stores have seen Chintz floral patterns move in and out of fashion, varying in colours and patterns.
Chintz can even be seen in some Gothic corsetry and related fashions.
Thae corset has a velour chintz pattern over it. It's like a bunch of intertwined leaves and flowers silhouetted against a plain background.
by Ashaya November 1, 2006
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Cheap, generic household decorations often found in the houses of younger couples. The majority of the decorations hold tea lights. Buddha’s, birdcages and glass vases are the most common. Found it one or two colours, white and chrome. Which is why it’s mostly found in couples houses that have the “white is clean so it’s posh, but we have no money” theme. You can find the majority of the chintz in specially selected isles when shopping, which makes it easy to see where the chintz trend is going.
That couples house is so clean and tidy, the candles look amazing in that bird cage.

No they don’t it’s absolute chintz.

“Omg babe, you’ll love this isle! It’s the chintz isle!!”
by Poppet November 28, 2018
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Bestfriends who are awesome , funny, beautiful, & chunts (; ♥
Chintz have nigga swagg ;D
by Angieeeecx December 5, 2011
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Low quality , giving less.

Once use to give a lot but now give less
Chili's use to give a lot of tortilla strips with their meals but they've been chintzing lately.
by scorpion queen 007 October 11, 2015
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