Drug paraphernalia used to smoke marijuana. To make it, one must take a regular military gas mask, but attach a bowl piece to one side. This allows whoever is wearing the gas mask to inhale marijuana, then exhale the smoke without blowing the pot out of the bowl piece. Another effect is mask creates a hotbox.
Yo, Trevor just got this awesome gas mask. You should come hit it.
by Shawn Maglicic March 15, 2006
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when someone farts into their hand, and smuthers it on to you nose.
brother: farts in his hand
brother: comes toward you and gives you the gas mask.
you: *BARF!*

its pretty self explanitory.
by yo'layla June 26, 2007
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after a long hard sporting event, the athlete takes the cup out of his jock strap, and procedes to shove the cup over a fellow teamates nose and mouth.
fuck that asshole, i hated when rich gave me that gas mask last summer
by Jermaine Rutt July 3, 2006
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When you cup your hand around a fart and enclose the hand around your friend's, girlfriend's, or any number of people's nose and mouth.
Yo bro, you just got gas masked, and it smells terrible.

Aww man, I just got gas masked.
by Greg April 24, 2004
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this happens when going to town on a chick's vagina, and she farts in your face.
Jack's face was buried deep in Sally's vagina, suddenly she gas masked him.
by jade09 June 29, 2012
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The girl has her head in a pillow and ass in the air. You put your mouth on her peach hole and your nose in her A-hole. Then just start sucking and snorting like mad man (or woman).
Last nicht I saw my dad do a gas mask on my aunt.
by Adam Harigast February 2, 2005
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When a girl is laying on her back and you're facing her feet, you squat and teabag you're balls in her mouth and fart in her her face.
My girl spilled wine on the rug and while she was cleaning it up and I flipped her over and gave her the gas mask.
by bob and ric December 25, 2004
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