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A good night wish for sleeping well.
Opposite of, but synonymous to, "sleep tight" for people who sweat and cringe at that suggestion.
For the non-bed burritos.
"Sleep loose, Mama."

"Sleep loose, John Boy."
Did you sleep loose? Yep! Woke up draped over the headboard purring with the cat.
by msdee November 22, 2016

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Behavioral condition marked by the subject grabbing female genitalia without owner permission.
Yes, Mr. Donald can get rather pussive aggressive.
If a chick clears you on one pussive aggressive move, doesn't mean you get a lifetime pass.
by msdee November 22, 2016

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Do the right, noble thing per John Wayne.
My boy puked in my car, but he was Duke about it and cleaned up.
My chick is Duke, doesn't mind dudes poker night.
by msdee November 17, 2016

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Def. 1 - Human condition marked by depleted physical resources resulting completely in bone ass tired exhaustion.
Def. 2 - Really good name for neo-punk band.
Worked a double shift, Ima flesh puddle.
Flesh Puddle opens for Biofunk at the Cave.
by msdee December 16, 2016

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The what to eat decision made for evening meal, usually when out of food.
Damn, the folks are coming over...mac n cheese default dinner? Maybe with hot dog chunks?

Nothing to eat kids. Can smell Jim's grill, though. Sneak over for default dinner.
by msdee January 05, 2017

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Feminine gender specific term synonymous with "man up" meaning do the thing, take care of your stuff, be your own grown up.
Hon, need you to fem up - please fix the transmission and start the casserole.
by msdee January 05, 2017

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What my family put in dysfunctional.
Yep, my family put the "fu" in dysfunctional.
by msdee December 20, 2016

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