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A premise of connected bullshit online advertisements that claim to give you things you simply can't have, for a simple monthly fee along with your personal information, which undoubtedly transmits through a secure, non virus-contaminated internet connection that's not being patrolled 24/7 by identity thieves. They offer things like bigger penises and slimmer waistlines because they want to make an offer no one's ever thought of before!
Husband: "Honey - I saw this add on the internet about a penis enlargement, and look what it did for m -" SPPLATTT!
"Yep. That's one weird trick for sure! Put it in the freezer, and I'll take it to work in the morning."
by mossyrock November 29, 2014

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Precedes a phone-sex number, typically in a public restroom. Losers on the toilet pay to hear dumb women talk about sex, which spares us the pain of hearing them talk about anything else. It's a tag-line for, well, a tag-line.
Sia's single Chandlier says "I'm the one for a good time call".
by mossyrock February 19, 2015

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The girl on the guest list whose boobs everyone's dying to see. She's vibrant, fun, and definitely has her tits about her.
Cynthia will definitely be the breast of honor at this party. Her bra size is so big they had to use Greek letters to describe it.
by mossyrock September 09, 2014

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When a person's face is so bloated and deformed that it's impossible to distinguish it from their ass. As it is, the ass already resembles a hippopotamus face. For the poor bastard sporting one of these, it also resembles theirs. It is a synonym with "Ed Zachary Disease".
Yikes - look at that double hippopotamus. If he ate with his ass and sat on his face, I wouldn't know the difference.
by mossyrock September 03, 2014

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When, failing to control yourself in church, a fart slips out and interrupts the sermon.
What did you confess today?
Gasphemy - I was the one who knocked out the nun.
by mossyrock February 15, 2015

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A disease in which a man's credit card mysteriously hemorrhages money while in his wife's possession.
Dude - your wife bought herself a diamond on your card. You definitely have buyarrhea.
by mossyrock September 03, 2014

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When too-tight pants lose the fight against a gigantic ass.
"That girl has a bad case of hungry hippo. She shouldn't be tryin' to pull off a size 0!"
by mossyrock September 03, 2014

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