24 definitions by mos def and talib kweli are blackstar

A racist term for first nation's people. Used espicially in Canada where there is a large population of first nations people. Nate abbrv. of native which alos a word used to describe first nations people.
Hey look at the nate dog over there, don't mess with him.
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A great underground rapper. Appeared along side wyclef in the great 'Kenny Roger's Dub Plate' track, also appeared with Talib Kweli and Black Thought in 'Guerilla Monsoon rap' produced by Kanye west. His album Internal Affairs is great too.
'My Life' by Pharaohe Monch and Stlyes P is one of the best songs i've ever heard.
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1.a fairly good canadian band. very much underrated.

2.Doing something you don't want to.
1.do you lik ethe band not by choice?

2. did you take out the trash like mom said to?
ya, not by choice though
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Great point guard now playing for the golden state warriors. Good friends with rapper the game. Has great leaping abilities, great passer and talented shooter. The best dunking point guard in the league. Sometimes refered to as bdiddy.
Did you see the dunk competion where baron davis put a headband over his eyes before the dunk.

Ya thats stupid how he put eye holes in the headband.
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a great basketball player. best on defensive, mad large afro, plays for teh detroit pistons. Scary as hell. Last mother fucker i would want to see in a alley by myself, though outside basketball is a very nice person. Said to be able to curl like 400 pounds, though i don't belive it.
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tupac/2pac there is no competiton. Thug life is rooted for teh underdogg not carrying a gun. Notorious big is fake, he group up rich(his lyrics are deep but aren't true to him which he claims they are)
Talib kweli mos def are also great rappers just like Tuapc
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