hes the Shiznit, Top Dogg, Tha DoggFather, Tha Bo$$, The one and only D O double G.
I got bitchs in the living room gettin on and they ain leavin till 6 in the mornin
by Homie November 12, 2003
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It's the S-N-Double O-P. The man with the dance. He keeps the khakis for his pants. He keeps the Low-Low's in a three wheel stance.

And, he's got three 14 inch rims running on the side.

They're riding on the side?

Yeah, they're running on the side.
It's the Capital S, I don't fuck with stress, N-Double O-P D-O-Motherfuckin' Double G
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the best ever rapper that walk on this mothafuckin planet biatch
an idol 2 who ever smoke da chronic
the almighty D-O double G
however dis my dog snoop is not a real mothafucking nigga G and kiss my ass biatch
its da mothafuckin D-O double G
by pimp sugar g February 13, 2004
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a west coast rapper who use to be the shit back in the early death row days, but after he put out doggystyle each album got worse instead of gettin better. snoop is currently a bitch and no longer raps nor flows like he did on doggystyle. he now talks over pop star beats.
snoop doggy dogg use to be the shit back in the day, now hes just a punk.
by ray sean jamal August 10, 2005
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Name mostly used by Eazy-E to make fun of Snoop Dogg who dissed him
Eazy-E's album "It's On (XDr. DreX) 187um Killa" intro : "And to that skinny as punk muthaphukkin main G az Dre Snoop doggy doggy dogg
what's up nigga dogg catcha's about to get ya"
by FrenchLascar187 February 12, 2004
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