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An extremely small drawing of a penis.
Debbie: So what did it look like
Laura: .
Debbie: Wow, no wonder he drives a pick up truck.
by minkmcfeeget September 30, 2009

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One who is a homosexual, but with a sly personality. A sneaky feeget.
Officer: I caught this homosexual fondling old men with Alzheimer.

Judge: He's a sneaky feeget isn't he.
by MinkMcFeeget September 19, 2009

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Derogetory term for homosexuals.

Also used in connection to the montreal canadiens in because of their homosexuality.
Man #1: I just sucked off ten guys out back of the Bell Center.

Man #2: Holy Shit! You really are a hab.
by MinkMcFeeget December 12, 2009

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Derogetory term for a hockey team.
Used to imply a homosexual prescence in the teams locker room.
Man #1: And now back to our coverage of the Montreal Canadiens locker room.
Man #2: Well it seems the Habs are really going at it. The goaltender is catching cum shots and the captain is rimming the coach. This really is characteristic of this team.
by MinkMcFeeget December 12, 2009

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The team in the NHL with the greatest backing from the LGBT community. Mostly thanks to Montreal having one of the largest homosexual/transvestite communities in North America.
Montreal is by far the most hated team outside of Queerbec, because of their affiliation with French-Canadien culture.
AKA the Habs as in "Hab out some butt sex?"
#1: I heard the Montreal Canadiens are playing tonight.
#2: I'll see you at the gay bar to party then.
by minkmcfeeget September 17, 2009

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