1. Don't be chincy, pay for your own beer!

2. This is a chincy bike, it's already falling apart!
by mikwat October 9, 2004
low quantity.

often used to describe the quantity of drugs.
what the fuck? this is a chincy dime.
this shit is chinced out.
by Nathan March 28, 2004
Something abnormal or outta place.
That guy has a chincy look on his face!
by Bigg Stee August 13, 2009
chincy fuck is when someone you know, or just someone chillin has said something to you that involves you unnessicarily moving,or giving something of yours away.
"Hey man i know your closer but can you grab that sweater and maybe lend me a smoke?"

"No you chincy fuck!"
by j.j.p October 7, 2006
A human that is known for being reluctant when spending ones own money.
“Why isn’t he drinking his own beer?”
“He has Chincy Lewis Disease”
by maccam September 4, 2021