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Something that nu metal bands can't seem to use with good effect.
no needed
by Mike B July 02, 2003

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One of the most popular RTS(real time stratagy) games played online. In this game you play as the Orcish Horde, Nightelf, human alliance, or Undead. Has a great campain mode also.
Im gonna log onto warcraft and pwn some noob ass.
by mike b June 04, 2005

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Derived from a particularly zealous user on fark.com. In general use can be used to refer to most general fanatics and fanboys.
Summon the bevets!
by mike b October 18, 2003

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Having sex with a mate that has an overabundance of pubic hair.
The thoughts of having wookie nookie with her make me ill.
by mike b January 29, 2004

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Use of two weapons of the same type, usually one in each hand.
That guns akimbo cheat owns!
by mike b June 05, 2003

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Commack is on Long Island, that's in NY by the way. Filled with every type of people imaginable, but we get along. Every nationality, every age group, every personality, and every clique. It's filled with potheads, whores, geniuses, and socialites. There are daddy's girls, independent sons-of-bitches and those who you just can't define. It's a metropolis of the most interesting people you will meet, from the most disgusting to the most amazing people. You just need to find your place among them, because for the most part any circle of friends will have someone unlike them in it.
Commack itself is the best example
by Mike B July 11, 2004

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definition: when you grab tightly around your ass, or someone else's. Also used as and expression or interjection.
1. Sally assgrabbed me hard because she was horney.
2. that ride is so assgrab, dude!
3. I jumped out in fear as he yelled out: assgrab!
by mike b February 18, 2005

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