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The least useful type of job there is available for anyone to do, they make money 10x the amount of money in a day any average person can make in his life and contribute nothing to humanity other than giving people entertainment that cost more than the minimum wage for one hour

There are some celebrities that are actually good like people who save someone or develop theroies, medicine and technology to help the rest of humanity
People who get money for their look should really work in a steel mill for 2 years
by messer July 28, 2005

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People who cannot read or write
90% of people on Internet are illiterate
by messer May 08, 2005

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Ramwa way of saying "Quiz" or "Test"
We are having an unopen book twiz
by messer June 06, 2005

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A good, lovely organization that prevent artists from getting less money


Check the headlines of any newspaper or search in CNN web sites
by messer January 01, 2005

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