It’s loki messing around with korg on fortnite probably
Thor! Look noobmaster69 is back online!!”
by noobie May 9, 2019
Noobmaster69 is an obnoxious child who plays the battle royale video game "Fortnite." Noobmaster69 is rude to everyone, especially Taika Waititi. Noobmaster69 often claims to have performed various sexual acts with the mothers of other players.
"Noobmaster69 is so mean! Thor should fly to his house, rip off his legs, and shove them up his own butt!"
by EGGPENGUIN May 9, 2019
a bitch who spends his entire life in his mom's basement with their arms up their ass
by meme_mastah May 9, 2019
the guy who kills you in fortnite ,the guy who Ninja reported,and the guy who made Thor sad
i got killed by noobmaster69
by therealnoobmaster69 May 21, 2019
One of the most powerful beings in the cosmos, it is said that he posesses power that makes Thanos look like a stormtrooper
Noobmaster69 is one powerful motherfucker
by That spider in your bedroom December 9, 2019
The fortnite kid who mocked and called Korg (Thor's friend) a dickhead in Avengers: Endgame. Also known as the next mcu big bad.
aye shit bro i guess xmen and fantastic 4 r gonna have to defeat the almighty noobmaster69
by Fuck sergio ramos May 4, 2019