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amazing person, with alot usually going on. Tries to make things better when she can, just usually has drama or something going on. No matter where she goes shes usually a room lighter-uper. Shes is super flirtacious and is typically really nice and sarcastic. Shes good at all things creation wise, and is usually super artistic. Shes always a good friend, and tries her hardest to please people. Caiti's are awesome.
by Knitting101 August 11, 2011
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probably the siiikest chick alive,
gets hit on by gangstas in macdonalds just coz shes kool.
that caiti's so hot.
by kooolio August 23, 2008
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A beautiful girl that any guy would be lucky to date. Usually easy to talk to. Really pretty, like perfect. When you see her, you will stop to look and admire her beauty.
Omg, Caiti is soo beautiful
by Pastrami199 January 11, 2014
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1. a girl who knows useless bits of information, watches cool shows like the Simpsons, eats burritos, comes up with cool words like "mow", comes up with cool catchphrases like "Holy Shit on Wheels
2. someone/something you sell in Turkey for crack money
1. Sometimes I wish I was like Caiti.
2. Damn...I need some crack and I am in Turkey...I better go get some Caiti's from the ATM.
by sam March 01, 2005
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1.A pretty girl with some amount of brains. Typicaly hangs out with Ashleys or Jessicas. Has qualities of both, (Seen in big packs, and has older boyfriends/slightly over weight.) When hyper or drunk feel free to play tricks on Caitis, because they will not understand what is going on.

2. To be ditzy and made fun of.
1. "Dude I totally just hit on that Caiti and she didn't even notice."

2. "Jackie is being such a Caiti today."
by yeahhhhhhhh July 23, 2006
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