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When an obese women is so fat that her feet puff out of the tops of her shoes like that of rising bread from a loaf pan.
Yo, check out that fat girls bread loaf shoes, her feet are puffing out of them just like rising bread.
by me.....)()( January 02, 2008
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When you jizz on your partner's upper lip and then adorn previously trimmed pubes in such a way as to form facial hair of the mustachio variety. Then, continue to form the mustache until bushy small upward pointing ends appear, much like that of famed baseball pitcher Rollie Fingers.
Yo, my bizzo was all about mustaches so I gave her the Rollie Fingers last night.
by me.....)()( July 23, 2009
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Unlike the Shart, Pooparrhea is much more substantial in that it consists of one fully formed log and also diarrhea at the same time. Much more research is needed by the scientific community in order to fully understand Pooparrhea. Also not to be confused with its close cousin, Poop Finger.
I decided not to flush after a bout of Pooparrhea. Then I had my girlfriend look at it with me. Based on sight and smell, it was easy to see that I had just eaten Panda Express.
by me.....)()( July 25, 2009
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A large evacuation of liquid fecal matter closely resembling that of diarrhea but on a more explosive scale. Poop Finger can occur instantly and without conscious thought or decision. Poop Finger is directly caused by someone preparing your food after wiping their ass but before washing their hands.
Damn, the dude that prepared my filet-o-fish sandwich at McDonald's must have given me Poop Finger because I've been sneezing out of my ass for the last two hours.
by me.....)()( January 01, 2008
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When the male genital area is so overgrown with disheveled and unkempt pubes that it makes the penis look like a hairy caterpillar.
My friend got so drunk that he pulled down his pants and started masturbating his hairy caterpillar in front of everyone.
by me.....)()( February 28, 2014
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A sock for which the male humanoid ejaculates into when masturbating
When the contractors came over to work on my house they accidentally found my jackoff sock cuz' I forgot to hide it.
by me.....)()( March 26, 2008
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