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no one, i mean no one can ever play with the same passion SRV used to play with, no one tears in a song the way he used to, no one has such technique in playing. he was just coming from someplace else, and now, he's an angel watching over the world and playing in heaven.
usually i never cry, but i tell you gents, that 27 august 1990 night, i sat on the corner of my bed and cried just like a little baby
by maZe June 02, 2004

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- Break Boy , the true name for what the media called "breakdancing". You men and women that got off to the break of a song
JoJo, Spy, Jimmy Dee, were Bboys from the original Rock Steady Crew.
by maze January 05, 2004

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big polynesian dudes, that will take over at your party and take your keg.
- every time I see a keg at Shorview park , I know someones party was crashed and their keg was taken.
by maze January 05, 2004

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The best character on FRIENDS, because she's just the shit.
Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, What are they feeding you? - Phoebe
by Maze February 15, 2013

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An adjective or verb used to describe the behavior of a person who would much rather engage in trivial and boring activities on a night reserved for partying. These activities include playing xbox, watching iron chef, or masterbating on a Friday night. This person is also most often found sockless and wearing underwear on their couch, while everyone else is wearing Gucci.
Scene - Friday Night at Lou's Crib

by MaZe February 12, 2004

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A girl who engages in sex with many men.

To hop from one dick to the next.
That bitch must be a pole hopper, she fucked both those guys last night.
by maze January 29, 2005

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Originally an AIM typo of the word *Good. Goos is compleltely synonomous and interchangable with the originally intended word *Good. Goos may be be used in conjunction with adjectives such as "super" and "really".
Or in order to denote exclusivity, may be combined with the word "the", as in "The Goos".

Me: What is really GOOS ma?
Your Mom: I don't know what's goos with you?
Me: Come to my bedroom I will show you what's goos
Your Mom: That is the Goos!
by MaZe February 11, 2004

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