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A somewhat flexible word which is utilized to denote negation. As in:

1) If something is impossible, it is slathans.
2) To end a conversation abruptly i.e. "Dead a conversation" it can be utlized in an interuptive manner.
3) To denote the 0 value amount something (See Usage)
4) May also be utilized creatively, as the embodiment of a non-cool person, in which case the word is changed slightly and is used in a naming manner (See Usage)
1) Hater: Yo I heard you have a 1 inch Wee-Wee
2) Hater: Yo, there was this time that..You: SLATHANS!
3) Hater: Did you get any ass from her?
You: No, I got Slathans
4) Hater: I am mad cool
You: Nah, you are Slathaniel Hawthorne
by MaZe February 12, 2004
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