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When somone belives that they are punk by dressing in black, metal studs and colors their hair. they dont know the meaning of punk and usually listen to bands like good charlotte and simple plan, avril laveige ect. They heard punk was cool so they dress it.
Look at that punk-tard moshing at the good charlotte concert. Shes got the band tee on and wrist bands that she baught at clairs.
by Mayo October 10, 2004
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quick way to say police so that when you're drunk, u can get the point across fast and split.
MoCo Po po = montgomery county police
by mayo January 16, 2004
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When a man strokes his penis till "baby batter" comes out.
Man...check out that fine lookin' hottie. Now I'm going to have to beat the witness!!!
by Mayo January 29, 2005
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A strange, rodent-like human that enjoys collecting squirrel and other small mammal parts for it's own purposes. The Sophia occupies its small mind by creating ornate decorative pieces out of twigs and other animal parts. It is also insatiably greedy and likes to steal food. It finds great pleasure in staring at shiny objects, and practices bizarre mating rituals.

It can also mean a bad hair day
I saw a Sophia Ben-Achour today in the woods and it looked hungry.

The Sophia Ben-Achour stole my crackers

My hair is so Sophia Ben-Achour today...the wind messed it up.
by MaYo May 15, 2014
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Particularly used by Muslim Phackers.
He is jeeter than all of us combined.
by Mayo October 29, 2004
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A piece of shit lying asshole...ie...my ex boyfriend.
Girl that ex of yours is a yellow bellied cum sucker if I ever saw one!
by Mayo February 05, 2005
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a big nosed gurl who works a coffee shop
oohh that mayo cut her nose while cutting carrots
by Mayo February 13, 2005
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