1. an ambiguous government agency designed to quash the idealism of recent American college graduates over a two year process. 2. an international American government organization with continual rotating foreign staff and a fleet of white Landcruisers aimed at catching volunteers out of site. 3. two years of one’s life determined in a brief 20 minute interview after 15+ hour international flight. 4. committees, sub-committees and exploratory committees for both. 5. the automatic and immediate forfeiture of four of the first ten Amendments. 6. a mechanism for those who cannot get laid stateside to remedy their situation and for those who could to forget how. 7. groups, flipcharts and markers. 8. commonly preceded by “Oh shit! I just graduated with a degree in international relations” 9. A whole lot of seriale (often dubbed over) 10. where CD, PTO, AO, PM, LCC, SSC, TM, PCMO, FA, GSM, and GSA speak to PCVs and PCTs about SPA, PCPP, MSs, WWS, ICE, IRC, and RA as well as EAP, ET, MS, and COS in acronyms.
When I joined the Peace Corps, I had no idea.
by PCG December 20, 2007
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A government paid, two-year vacation.
Hey dude, I joined the Peace Corps and people actually respected me for it when I got home. Idoits.
by Jax January 28, 2005
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Being considered attractive, but only because you're one of 50 people that speak English in a country.
Will is totally peace corps hot. I wouldn't swipe right in America, but here I am hoping our rooms are next to each other at IST.
by Pcv1234 September 15, 2017
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An elaborate, long term

US government funded study on

How to cultivate alcoholism in recent college graduates through a two year overseas posting.
Peace corps helped me discover my passion for drinking large quantities of cheap beer in shady establishments.
by Kwrzy toubab June 5, 2018
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