The joke of professional baseball. Unlike the american league , the national league has bad teams. They usually have bad players in the lineups, and the worst pitching rotations int the world. At best, the league will have no better than 3 teams with a .500 winning percentage. Whoever leaves the american league to play in the national league will increase their stats significantly. Pitchers era's will drop atleast 1 full run. And they have no chance of a world championship. Minor league baseball is more competitive. If the Mets can be 30 games above .500 with a pitching rotation of Steve Trachsel, John Maine, Orlando Hernandez, Dave Williams, and Brian Bannister, you know something isn't right.
The national league is an embarrassment to us all.
Philadelphia 65-65 San Francisco 65-66 * New York 80-49
Florida 64-66 Arizona 64-67 as a result of
Atlanta 61-68 Colorado 61-69 awful competition
Washington 55-75 "good N.L. teams" they are kind of a
Houston 63-68 St. Louis 69-60 team.
Milwaukee 62-69 Cincinnati 67-65
Chicago 54-77 Los Angeles 69-62
Pittsburgh 51-81
by I'm so nasty! August 30, 2006
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Just a glorified international friendly tournament. Most likely founded by the Welsh to tire out and injure the English squad before the World Cup as they stand no chance on the 29th of November
The Nations league is a pile of crap” .(Anonymous, 2022)
“But it’s not only playing games, it’s the training, it’s the travelling, it’s everything. Sometimes you go away and travel, but you do not play. It's even exhausting.” (KDB, 2022)
“The tournament feels a little bit more important than it actually is.” (KDB, 2022)
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The highest minor league in professional baseball. Far below the American League yet higher than the AAA level of minor league baseball, the National League is unofficially classified as an AAAA level league. It is also frequently a refuge for players who have failed playing in the American League.
My little sister has been named to the National League All-Star team.
by judge, jury, and executioner January 14, 2009
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A competition by U€FA that literally no one asked for, but we have to deal with, that ranks every single member of UEFA into four different leagues, so that the "best play the best" and so that the lower teams won't get battered by better nations, and another way for UEFA to get richer.
Person 1: " Yo, did you watch the UEFA Nations League match between England and Italy?"
Person 2: "Yep, and it was the lamest fucking shit I've ever seen."
by emanimates13 June 27, 2022
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The best sports league ever. Founded in 1909 as the National Hockey Association (NHA), the NHL is the second-oldest currently existing North American professional sports league, second only to the MLB. The NHL's championship trophy, the Stanley Cup, introduced in 1892, is the oldest currently existing championship trophy in North American professional sports. In 1926, with teams in Montréal, Boston, Ottawa, Pittsburgh, and Toronto, the NHL expanded to Chicago, New York City, and Detroit. The teams based in Toronto and Detroit changed their names to the Maple Leafs and the Red Wings, respectively, in the coming years. Having Ottawa and Pittsburgh folded, the New York Americans and Montréal Maroons were the only two teams left other than today's Original 6. Both folded because of World War II. The NHL would not expand again until 1967, with new teams in Los Angeles, St. Louis, Minnesota, Oakland, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. Later on, in 1979, the NHL merged with the World Hockey Association (WHA), giving the NHL teams in Winnipeg, Québec City, Hartford, and Edmonton. Winnipeg relocated to Phoenix, AZ, Québec relocated to Denver, CO, Hartford relocated to Greensboro, NC, and later to Raleigh, NC, and Minnesota relocated to Dallas, TX. In 2000, the NHL's last expansion year, a team was introduced to Columbus, OH, and the NHL was re-introduced to Minnesota. The Atlanta Thrashers relocated to Winnipeg in 2011.
Guy 1: "Did you watch that baseball game last night?"
Guy 2: "No, I watched the National Hockey League game!"
Guy 1: "OMG, me too!"
Guy 2: "Cool! High five!"
*High five*
by Yoshibowser29 December 10, 2013
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This is a rugby league competition based in Australia and New Zealand. There are 16 teams that compete for the proven summons trophy.
The Nrl (national rugby league) is a rugby league competition in which 16 teams compete for the proven summons trophy
by George_.8 January 14, 2019
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Falls on November 20th. The title is self-explanatory. All the homies hate league players.
Liam: Hey Ben! Are you ready to get beat up?

Ben: No? Why?

Liam: Today is National Punch a League of Legends Player Day!!!
by ihateleagueoflegends November 6, 2021
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