person 1: look, its an audi!
person 2: audi audi...
by audison January 19, 2009
A God among men. Able to help people see light even in the darkest moment. A loyal mate and trustworthy friend for life. Will do what ever it takes to make the world a better place for all. A ture friend that will help in the worst of moments and stand by you till all is done.
Audie is a God

Audie seeks Enlightenment
by buddhabear February 3, 2010
1. n. A german automaker specializing in luxury sports cars. The logo consists of four interlocking circles.

2. adj. or v. to leave, or to be leaving.
1. The Audi TT Quatro is one of the better cars in existance.

2. I'm audi. See ya!
by stahlingrad March 20, 2004
An all-around swell young man. Audie is very shy about the fact that he has a MONSTER whale COCK. This absolute beast is used to instantly pleasure both men and women alike.
"DUDE. I totally got pounded by Audie last night!"

"I know! Who knew he had such a mighty meat stick? An absolute colossal crusher cock!"
by Randy Balls June 10, 2020
A fine German automobile manufacturer. Audi dates back to the very first days of cars. The symbol of four interlocking rings is representative of the four companies, Audi, Horch, Wanderer, and DKW that came together to form first The Auto Union, and, finally, Audi. Audis are most famous for their interiors and quattro all wheel drive, both of which are the best in the buisness. Audis are also commended for their superb handeling characteristics and fun driving experience. The Audi Ur quattro of the early 1980's was the first non-offroad car to offer all wheel drive, and it completely dominated the rally scene. Other motorspots achievements for Audi include the R8 and R10's victory of the famous Le Mans car race. Audis are comparable in price and performance to BMW and Mercedes. Because of quattro, many Audis are owned in northern climates where their driving joys can be enjoyed all year round. Audi interiors are the benchmark that other companies attempt to match. Audi is fully owned by the company Volkswagen and owns the exotic car manufacturer Lamborghini. Many of Audis advancements are spread to these other companies while the most sporting of Audis can boast engines developed by Lamborghini. Audi is based in the German city of Ingolstadt.
Person 1: Dude did you see what that sick car was, it was so sweet...i want one!!

Person 2: That, my friend was and Audi RS4

Person 1: Rob the jewelery store and tell them make me an audi.
by jgoo August 19, 2006
A very nice and generous person that is beautiful and also she is a keeper
Audi Is really nice
by Silas Flynn scherer June 17, 2017
look at that girl! dangit, she is such an Audie
by ms.tkidr November 10, 2010