The process in which people, or things are united as one. Unification is key to world peace, and prosperity throughout the world. Unification is one of the greatest aspects of the human experience. We should all work for more of it.
Guy 1: Oh Shoot! Every war ended because the world has now been unified

Guy 2: Yo world peace through that unification

Guy 1: Unification is boss
by WorldPeace December 16, 2013
The process in which a member of a couple changes within the liberating and sexually-open climate of university and pursues a life of promiscuity. With males, this is usually a bi-product of a long-distance relationship in which sexual intimacy with the partner is less frequent. With females, it is associated with their desire for male attention and proving to their female peers that they too can get guys.
"Dude, your ex-girlfriend is such a sket now she's gone to university."
"That's unification for you!"
"Yeah, she's been unificated for sure."
by RBizzle18 June 29, 2012
a cute lil brand thsat consists of baby tees, big pants, cute cardigans and big shoes. mostly worn by the quirky , weird , and e girls. created by Christine Lai and Eric Espinoza.
omg did you see the new unif drop? soooo cute!
by cyb3rboy August 20, 2019
Bringing all your shit together.
We need a unificator to bring all of our shit together.

I am a unificator not a divider.
by Panello July 25, 2013
A unific is a term used to define a type of fanfiction that borrows only the original author's universe; not it's characters (except in extremely necessary situations).

It was first used to refer to Harry Potter based fanfiction which did not involve any of J.K.Rowling's original characters, but instead only the concept of the Hogwarts itself.
"I can't stand writing fanfiction but I don't mind writing a unific now and then."
by MidnightStorm July 14, 2009
A store in encinitas california that sells in style shoes For example they sell nike air force ones with fur on the inside
The name unif stands for ur not in fashion
man i need to head to Unif to get some nike 6.0's
by d sal February 1, 2008
A type of process where they retrofit the Rock-afire Explosion into Munch's Make Believe Band. They would reuse props for later, or just destroy them entirely. Throughout the tape, it is plays somewhat sad/happy music but it is really hard to listen to the music while you have to see your favorite animatronic band from your childhood turning into complete different creatures.
Welcome to the Concept Unification Installation Tape! The purpose of this tape is to give you a brief overview of the installation process.
by ComputerGirlGeek January 12, 2021