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Term made famous by "Butthead" of "Beavis and Butthead". Means dumbass or ass blossom or buttmunch
"Cut it out Butt dumpling!"
by marshall February 27, 2004

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What Mr. T says when he thinks you're talkin' bullshit. Usually directed at Murdock
"I ain't got time for no jibba jabba"
by Marshall February 24, 2004

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American footballers get beaten with rugs, then they go and have jarrs of peanut butter for a half-time snack.

Rugby is a real mans game, American football has more padding than 10 fat Americans in a bedshop. The French are dirty rugby players...and also really gay.
Jono's dad hits him with a rug after his team loses :(

by Marshall January 07, 2005

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a slick fat bastard okay he's actually pretty caring:) who helps 50 girls with hw simultaneously on AIM
hide your chicks! Marshall Ha is coming!
by Marshall May 03, 2004

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the target person in the center of the circle-jerk.
pivot point equals bukakki centerfold.
by Marshall February 24, 2004

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a person who gives oral sex for crack
wayn was just such a webuss to the whole gym class his knees were sore
by Marshall June 25, 2004

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Ghetto name for Grant.
Damn, Gizzle, B's gonna woop ya ass, yo
by Marshall April 14, 2003

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