141 definition by mandingoe

Expensive. More than I’m comfortable paying.

Spendy puts a smiley face on the grim reality that I’m broke.
The food there is yummy, but it’s kinda spendy.
by Mandingoe November 04, 2008

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The thirst quencher discovered by Hector Zeroni in the Disney movie Holes.
Try some of this. It will really quench your thirst. I call it Splooge.
by mandingoe July 17, 2003

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1. A ginormous house built on the site of a former site of a teardown that towers over its neighboring houses. Like the Hummer FUV, these houses appear to bully surrounding ones.

2. A McMansion characterized by its huge scale and cookie cutter design that embodies the Hummer “I got mine” lifestyle.

The neighbors torched the Hummer house being built by those arrogant SOBs.
by Mandingoe January 03, 2008

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an catty exchange among Democratic primary contenders.
He accused her of voting for the war. She cast him withering glance as a third candidate interjected about the importance of supporting the troops. The debate rapidly descended into a five-way cratfight.
by mandingoe February 28, 2007

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A greating exchanged by farmers.

This word really belongs in the rural dictionary.
What's growin' long pardner?
by Mandingoe May 23, 2004

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if I told you I'd have to kill you. No, really. Double secret confidential.
What's in that file cabinet marked IITYIHTKY?

If I told you I'd have to kill you.
by Mandingoe October 09, 2004

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1. Controling events or decisions
Wayne Rooney's stellar performance in Euro 2004 put him in the driver's seat for his upcoming contract talks
by mandingoe September 21, 2004

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