141 definitions by mandingoe

Bondage and discipline
"So what are your experiences and skills?"

"Oh the usual - B'n D, leather, whippings, spanking ..."

"Oh good..we definitely need a dominatrix here. Your hired!"
by mandingoe May 26, 2004
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1. in an agitated state, annoyed

2. pissy, uptight
1. Don't get your undies in a bundle, I'm certainly not defending him, I merely wanted to present a hypothetical explanation.

2. It was rejected by an auditor with her undies in a bundle that day.
by mandingoe October 10, 2005
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1. a euphemism for up da butt

2. an intensifier used to connote aggression in phrases such as "Oh yeah? Well you can take that draft card and put it where the sun never shines".

Where the sun don't shine is coarser and therefore more aggressive.
Take your fucking capital gains tax cut and stick it where the sun never shines.
by mandingoe June 15, 2004
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Supposedly l33t speak for a computer box. Somehow the irc abbreviation doubled the length of the word

Typically used in conjunction with r0x0rz e.g. 1 r0x0rz jur b0x0rz

The meaning has morphed into boxer shorts in a case of irc whisper down the lane.
I prefer b0x0rz to b213f5.
by mandingoe June 09, 2004
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some one from Wisconsin
If the Vikings lose on Monday, there will be a lot of happy cheddarheads.
by mandingoe June 08, 2004
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awesome, count me in, let's go

put a strong accent on "there"

Similar to I'm friends with that except more emphatic and action oriented.

What McDonald's was striving for and disasterously missed with their I'm lovin it slogan, an anagram that can be rearranged to form 'ailing vomit'
You've got extra tickets and backstage passes for the U2 concert? I'm THERE dude.
by mandingoe December 02, 2004
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The migrant workers live down by the river in tornado magnets.
by mandingoe June 08, 2004
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